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Cardio Boxing (ages 14 and up)

This class is the perfect 60 minute workout! The MBA cardio boxing class is a fun, fast paced calorie burner. This is not aero-boxing or tae bo. Clients will warm up, hit heavy bags, work the punch mitts and get a core workout all in one hour. You will work your arms, legs and core and the best part is that you get to hit stuff without getting hit back! This class is non-contact (no sparring) and is open to all fitness levels. No experience necessary. Come check it out!

GEAR: Hand wraps, gloves

Combat Conditioning (adult)

Combat Conditioning Class is MBA's version of a mini boxing boot camp! The hour long class is different each time, but the focus is on the fat burning, muscle building workouts boxers use to help condition themselves for competition. The class includes circuit training with weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, plyometric boxes, TRX and more. This class also includes some boxing mitt work with partners and allows students to learn longer, more advanced combinations that include ducking, slipping, blocking and foot work. Don't be scared away, this class is for all fitness and experience levels!

GEAR: Hand wraps, gloves

Boxing Skills (adult)

Boxing skills is geared toward fitness clients who want to learn more about the science and technique of boxing. We will cover proper punching technique, footwork, defensive maneuvers, counter punching and more. In this class we will use the heavy bags at times as well as doing partner work. Doing controlled drills with a partner is as close to sparring as you can get without getting hit. No boxing experience necessary and all fitness levels welcome. Learn something new and get a great workout at the same time.

Gear: Hand wraps, gloves, mouthpiece

Morning Body Blast (adult)

Start your day off right! This 45 minute class is an awesome fat burning, muscle building morning workout. The class includes boxing, kettle bells, TRX, plyometrics, core work and body weight exercises. Each class is unique and will target different body areas. For all of you early birds out there, this is a great way to kick start your metabolism and prepare your body and mind for a productive day. All fitness levels welcome.

Gear: Hand wraps, gloves

Morning Boxing Blast (adult)

This class is a great compliment to our Morning Body Blast class. Morning Boxing Blast focuses on boxing techniques and gets your heart pumping with tons of early morning punching. This is a great opportunity to get your boxing workouts in if you can't make it to our evening boxing classes, or if you are just an early riser who likes to start the day off with a fierce sweat!

Gear: Hand Wraps, Gloves

Monday Mitt Madness (14 and up)

In addition to our Cardio Boxing class on Monday evenings, you can try out this class that enlists all the same techniques, but with a focus on utilizing the focus mitts. If you love hitting mitts or feel like you would like to improve your technique in both hitting them and holding them, this is the class for you. Focus mitts offer more diversity than just hitting the heavy bag because you can work on defense as well as offense and Coach Jordan is a mitt expert who will teach you all the tools and tricks.  All levels are welcome!

Gear:  Hand Wraps, Gloves

Open Gym (ages 14 and up or permission)

We have several open gym hours during the week. Come in and work on your skills or just get a sweat going. Use the bags, jump rope and try the TRX. There will be a coach present if you have technique questions. Feel free to ask!!

GEAR: Up to you...

Sparring/Team Workout (ages 16 and up)

The team workout and sparring sessions are held twice a week for registered amateur boxers and pro boxers. This is a dedicated sparring and training time for the boxers. If you would like to compete, you must speak with the coach.

GEAR: Hand Wraps, Sparring Gloves Mouthpiece, Cup, Headgear (pros must bring and use their own equipment).

Private Training (all ages)

Private training and small group training (2-6 people) is available with two-time world champion, Molly McConnell. For clients 13 years and older, 60 minute or 30 minute sessions are available. For kids under 13, 30 minute sessions are available. Please email MBA to set up an appointment