The Gym

MBA's mission is to provide the Portland, Oregon area with an experienced, safe and clean boxing environment where anyone from a beginner to a professional can learn to develop their skills. 

In 2012, Molly "Fearless" McConnell opened McConnell's Boxing Academy. As a two-time world champion and the most decorated fighter from the state of Oregon in the past 30 years, Molly's vision was to teach athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike to develop the proper skills, techniques and body mechanics of the sweet science. MBA has quickly become more than just a place to practice proper boxing technique; it also serves as a positive outlet for people to get fit, release their personal struggles and to build real, lasting friendships. Boxing has a mysterious way of allowing people to find their inner strength, build their confidence and achieve goals that may have always seemed unattainable. We offer a range of classes as well as personal training and private lessons. The gym is also available to rent for photo and video shoots. MBA welcomes people of all races, backgrounds, religions, orientations and genders.  Come in for a free trial Cardio Boxing class and see why MBA is a different and unique community and environment. 


The MBA family